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Candids/Feet Pics of Friends/Acquaintances

  by TheObserver97
Feet Pics of some very beautiful young women I know. Some will be candid, some will be voluntary.
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Cute Latina's Natural Toe-Nails in Sandals

  created on 2017-04-11
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This is a very cute girl I got to meet at work over the summer. She would often come in with white converse sneakers until it REALLY started to get hot outside. She would come in with these black rhinestone sandals and sometimes she would even switch to those when we were working outside. What I like the most about her feet is that she keeps her toes natural and clean, making them one of the cutest pairs of tootsies I have ever seen. Her feet are pretty big for her size too, so they stand out a lot, especially when she's barefoot. She curls her toes a lot too making her feet 10 times the adorable.
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