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Girlfriend & friends & porn

  by lucasfeet2
Spotted and great pics from my GF e and some friends from college/university who insist on being barefoot all the time. If anyone likes my posts I INSIST on you messaging me, telling me what you're doing to my feet pics. Also, cum tributes are very welcom
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Feet dispute - 2nd part

  created on 2017-12-16
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Hey, guys! So, my personal dispute between my friend Thays's feet and my GF's feet is still running. And so far, with 9 message feedbacks, Thays is one vote ahead of my GF. Btw, I've loved the feedbacks I had so far. Keep going, friends! If you wanna support Thays to keep ahead on the competition or help my GF to surpass her, just let me know your vote and your justification my messaging me!

SO FAR: Thays 7 x 7 GF

My GF:


(PS.: you can be extremely honest with me haha I myself still have some doubts on who has the hottest feet).
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